Monday, August 30, 2010

Groupon Voice

I LOVE the snappy copywriting from a daily coupon email I get, Groupon.

Imagine my delight at finding Groupon's internal copywriting guide, "The Groupon Voice". Here's a sample, from Groupon's Google doc server at ...

Strategies to Achieve Groupon Voice

1. Absurd images. Sweeping, dramatic nonsense. The absurd narrator.

Humankind has been playing with fire for years; now we can harness the bronzing essence of the fiery sun in a gentle mist, proving once and for all our dominance over the weak, inanimate solar system.

2. Hypothetical worlds / outcomes

Without goals, no one would unicycle the Appalachian Trail or train a flock of carrier pidgins to deliver meat pies to unsuspecting haberdashers.

3. Fake proverbs, adages

4. Mixed metaphors

The bagel, like the circle from which it takes its shape, is a metaphor for life; it literally never ends. Today's Groupon celebrates that sacred, delicious symbol: for $3...

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, your hair is the tunnel to your mind. Keep your mind-matter from escaping with today's hair-taming Groupon. For $35...

5. Fake history

When Columbus first landed at Lexington and Concord, he proudly rang the liberty bell to mark the successful discovery of India. Rectify his mistake and actually discover India with today's Groupon to...

When strongmen of the past wanted to show their superhuman brawn, they coddled kettlebells or other, potentially stronger strongmen.

6. Negative comparisons: "...unlike when..."

Today's Groupon is perfect for people who love a good massage, but hate how, unlike pie, they can't take any of it home with them.

7. Highly technical language (medical, scientific, etc.)

8. Sci-fi references

9. Illogical comparisons and lists:

Detoxification is more than drinking herbs, wearing cucumbers, and painting Russian nesting dolls.

10. Use the appropriate narrative point of view.

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