Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Solar Energy Field renewable energy producing structure for deserts

Solar Energy Field renewable energy producing structure for deserts: "

the solar energy field by michael jantzen_1

Eco Factor: Sustainable structure designed to produce renewable energy.

The Solar Energy Field by eco-conscious architect Michael Jantzen has been inspired by the conceptual symbolic representation of the micro energetic interaction between photons of sunlight and the release of electrons with photovoltaic cells, which in turn produces electricity. This energetic interaction is symbolically represented as a large, pragmatic, scalable, abstract, three dimensional, stimulating and challenging form, capable of capturing energy from the sun, and converting it into electricity for the local community.

the solar energy field by michael jantzen_2

The basic structure would be constructed from a series of prefabricated panels, each fitted with a steel support frame, and covered with a colored concrete composite skin. These panels can be added or removed to scale the structure up or down and/or to change the shape at any time. The south facing panels will be covered with shadow tolerant, non-glass high temperature performance photovoltaic film.

the solar energy field by michael jantzen_3

The architect believes that during a sunny day, the solar panels will be able to generate up to 10,000W of electrical power for the local grid. In addition to generating renewable energy, the structure will also be used as an oasis sheltering visitors from the hot sun. Some of the lower panels of the structure fold out in different ways in order to provide places to sit.

the solar energy field by michael jantzen_4

Thanks: [Michael Jantzen]


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